Advice based on knowledge and experience – if you are considering a gift, searching for collectors’ items, restoring a family heirloom or simply seeking inspiration, Haughey Antiques can offer an experienced and trusted service to meet your every need.

Our antique advisory service is comprehensive and will bring stunning antique furniture to your home, specific collectable pieces within your reach and intriguing, rare antiquities to the right price range. We are able to deliver all over the United Kingdom and overseas and offer invaluable advice on antique sourcing.

Knowing a fair price – valuation is critical in the antique market and we are able to act entirely on your behalf when commissioned to buy or sell. We value all antiques and collector’s items from furniture, to jewellery, to house clearance items and will take complex negotiations entirely out of your hands so that you can be confident in your investment or sale. When valuing antiques for tax or insurance purposes, it is important to base assessments on sound awareness of the antique market. We offer informed and trustworthy valuations for insurance, probate, family division or inheritance based on many years of experience.